9. Uber's Backpages: Frosty covers for Jinnah when a young woman's body is discovered in a garbage can. Her reporting unearths an Uber driver who holds the key to busting a vicious human trafficking ring. Caitlin leans on the morally compromised McKinley (who owes Jinnah big-time) and begs the FBI agent to obtain the original of the sex tape implicating Hakeem's brother, Zack. Jinnah finally tracks down porn star Peppa and sets a meeting, only to find her dead. Knowing he's been set up, Hakeem goes underground to clear his name. 



10. Silence is the language of God: Jinnah finds porn star Peppa's partner, “Salt,” and convinces her to tell him everything she knows about Zack, Anika Swift and Peppa's murders. She implicates Anika’s ultra-rich, ultra-powerful father-in-law, David Swift. Frosty confronts Swift in an attempt to save both Jinnah and the Monster, which is under threat of being shut down. Colton Swift is arrested and charged with the murders of Anika and Zack. But Jinnah is not convinced Colton is the killer.  



11. His Terrible Swift Sword: McKinley gives the sex tape to Elle and Caitlin, who prove it's a forgery. Ronnie stumbles on a corporate paper trail that implicates David Swift and provides him with motive for Anika’s murder -- a link between Swift and Anika's connection to the adult film biz. It also paints a picture of lies, corruption and betrayal with Caitlin Bishop near the heart of it. A devastated Jinnah doesn't know who to trust as the police, unseen assailants and a mysterious new player close in... 



12. The Winter of the Patriarch: Season finale. Jinnah finally gets the goods and can prove who murdered Anika Swift. But he's arrested by what appears to be a Homeland Security Squad. He's been set up for links to Islamic extremists, etc. The squad is actually a hit team hired by David Swift, with orders to make sure Jinnah never makes it past 30,000 feet in the air and however deep he sinks in the Pacific. Frosty, Ronnie and Elle team up with Gonzales to try to save Hakeem. But the lynch-pin in the rescue plan is the unstable and unreliable Special Agent McKinley. Which way will the Jesuit turn? At the end of this episode, Jinnah is offered his old job back at KXSF with Caitlin.  It’s what he wants.  Or is it?







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